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Conquer the Crave is committed to helping you lose weight and feel great.

Losing weight couldn’t get any more convenient!

  • hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

This is one of our most requested physician supervised plans.You may lose up to 36 lbs in a matter of weeks with prescription hCG. This is real pharmaceutical grade prescription medication and not the ineffective homeopathic drops or bogus products that are available on the internet, in vitamin and supplement retailers, and yes, even so called “weight loss centers”. Your CTC physician will help determine if you are a candidate for hCG therapy (after a review of your data) and how long you should stay on it if you are eligible.


This plan is for those clients for whom hCG might not be the best option, or for those who simply prefer an alternative medication strategy. This particular plan has several tracks and optional combinations. As with our other weight loss products, you may add optional supplements, snacks, vitamins, and convenient high quality meal replacements. Your CTC consultant will help you decide which plan’s best for your specific circumstances and weight loss goals.

  • Meal plans, diet foods, supplements and meal replacements

Of course, all of our plans and tracks may be upgraded to include essential vitamins and supplements specifically formulated to help boost your metabolism and jump start your weight loss! We also have a full line of delicious meal substitutes that conform to the plans nutritional parameters. Unlike other well known weight loss systems and products that “guarantee” results, we actually deliver them. At CTC we’re with you all the way, with customized nutritional plans and strategies to help you maintain your new weight.

A CTC consultant will be assigned to you at the outset of the program to provide guidance and address any questions or concerns that may arise during the program. Your personal consultant is there to follow your progress, encourage, and support your fat burning efforts. We help you lose pounds and inches! By now you probably realize why so many have been able to Conquer the Crave!
You can do this!

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